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Somerset Auto Tints Have Been Window Tinting From Their Yeovil Based Workshop For Over 10 Years

We also install a wide variety of window films for the automotive industry and The films come in different shades to give you the look you require and the added safety and security.

All films fitted reject at least 99.% of the sun's harmful UV rays; reducing heat and glare by as much as 90%.The window film is securely bonded to the glass, thus preventing shattered or broken glass from causing injury and damage to you and passengers in the untimely event of an accident. we also never remove Glass or Trim from a vehicle to install the tint, so guarantee other than a perfect window tint installation the car will go in same condition it arrived.

Window tint is excellent at rejecting heat and glare, other than it looks good on most vehicles and enhances the overall look of a car / camper we do find allot of customers that come to us are 1st time parents and tint there vehicles to shield the sun from newborn babys as the stick on shades to be fare dont exactly enhance the looks of a car or reject the heat

We specialise in all makes and models inc BMW, Audi, VW as well as everyday Vauxhall's and Ford's


Window Tinting - The Technical Stuff

One Piece Rear Window Installations. Where other tint shops fall short...we offer one-piece installations every time!

Dot Matrix Preparation. With our premium installations we include additional preparation of the dot matrix to minimise the silvery effect of the dotted edges on some rear windows.

A Choice Of Top Edge Finish. We offer a choice of super tight micro, shaved or filed edges depending upon the installation and vehicle.

Panels-On Tinting. We can tint many cars cleanly and quickly whilst leaving the door panels untouched...we prefer this method of tinting in particular with Audi /Bmw vehicles as the door panels never seem to fit the same once they have been removed. but the option of having your car windows tinted with all the door panels left in place is something that my customers appreciate and when other tint shops say" it can't be done" I always reply, "that's because they can't do it!"

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